You really are what you eat. The kind of food that goes into your system will translate to your skin, hair, and general health! Good thing there are loads of local Santa Monica eats that serve up healthy dishes and drinks that will keep the skin glowing. If you are eating for healthier skin, make sure to check out these dining spots:


acai2finalRenovo is a popular smoothie and juice bar that promises unique nutrient-dense drinks to keep the body healthy. Apart from amazing juices and smoothies made from the freshest organic ingredients, Renovo also sells food and diet supplements. The brand’s mission is to rebuild a healthy body by redefining the smoothie.

So what makes Renovo smoothies and juices different from other juice bars? For one thing, the brand uses the guidelines of Dr. Barry Sears of The Zone Diet. Each drink offers a balanced ratio of carbohydrates, healthy fat and protein.

All these nutrients keep the skin healthy. In additio
n, the drinks contain about 1/3 less sugar than commercial smoothies. The juices and smoothies are also teeming with antioxidants that protect the cells from free radical damage. Even better, Renovo smoothies and juices reduce the risk of obesity, fatigue, mental confusion and cellular death. To top it all off, this juice bar offers drinks for kids and grownups alike!

The Hive

The Hive is a California smoothie and juice bar that promises to se11221947_723432691135609_3831715049723860575_nt the bar high on nutritional drinks. This juice bar specializes in delicious, refreshing smoothies and juices made from fresh, organic ingredients. When you are drinking for your skin, it’s got to be organic! Why? Organic fruits and vegetables are grown without the use of toxic chemicals that harm skin health. The Hive’s extensive selection of juices is guaranteed to be healthy, pure and pesticide-free!

Also, do not expect iced drinks at The Hive. The company has a strict policy of not adding ice to make sure every glass is pure and potent.

The Hive boasts of nutrient-rich smoothie blends such as the Sexy Bee, Yellow Jacket, Sea Bee and Gut Bee. If you love a skin-friendly drink, try the Beauty Bee. The Beauty Bee is loaded with antioxidant-rich ingredients like Goji berries, snow lotus and Bulgarian rosewater. These ingredients will keep the skin luminous, soft, and glowing.

Sweetfin Poké

10450292_750750291700308_3219463482766740761_oPoké is a Hawaiian dish comprised of raw cubes of fish (usually yellowfin tuna) on a bed of rice and/or fresh produce including avocado, edamame, and scallions. Think of Poké as deconstructed sushi. A bowl of poké is not only high in omega-3 fatty acids; it is also loaded with antioxidants, beneficial fats and vitamins that are all good for the skin.

If the craving for poké hits, we recommend Sweetfin Poké! Sweetfin Poké specializes in customizable poké bowls and is the brainchild of Seth Cohen and Brett Nestadt. The idea was to bring a slice of Hawaii to Los Angeles and to get people to start eating right.

Sweetfin Poké is all about making fresh, nutritious poké accessible to everyone. The menu is quite extensive, but we recommend building your very own poke bowl! You can also check out the signature poké section for fail-proof, healthy options.


Kye’s specializes in the vegan, Paleo and gluten-free KyeRito™.gallery3 So what exactly is a KyeRito™? It is a burrito-style veggie wrap. The KyeRito™ is made fresh from scratch, using organic ingredients. The best thing about KyeRito™ is that you can eat it on the go. Kye’s is a great place for busybodies who have very little time to sit down for a meal. One KyeRito™ has all the essential nutrients that will power up your day and supercharge your body. Unlike your ordinary veggie wrap, the KyeRito™ is always tasty, crispy and organic.

The concept behind the KyeRito™ is to get people to eat their greens in a non-boring way. The KyeRito™ is loaded with superfoods such as avocados, ginger, blueberries, Goji berries and mushrooms as well as lean fish and poultry. All of these ingredients are packed with antioxidants that keep the skin healthy. Antioxidants protect the skin from oxidative stress by neutralizing the damaging effects of free radicals. The result? Healthy skin that glows from within.