Who Is It For

The Q-switched alexandrite laser is used to treat patients who have pigmented skin lesions that they want removed. Patients who have sun spots, brown spots, freckles, and brown patchy areas on the face and body can have these lesions easily removed with this laser.

How It Works

When the laser is shined on a spot, the pigment in the spot absorbs the laser light. This begins the process of breaking down the pigment. Then, the body’s natural mechanisms take over to eliminate the pigment from the skin.


Pigmented spots are much improved and in many cases completely eliminated in one or two treatments. The skin looks more youthful and rejuvenated.

There is absolutely no downtime after treatment with this laser. Patients only need to take reasonable sun precautions, apply an ointment to the treated spots, and use sunscreen. Normal activities can be resumed immediately after leaving the office.