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The Fraxel Restore laser is an ideal treatment for fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, sun spots, age spots, and acne scarring. The Fraxel Restore laser became available in April of 2004, and Dr. Amerian and Dr. Anterasian were among the first physicians in Los Angeles to obtain this laser and make it available to our patients. As a result, we have gained extensive experience with the Fraxel laser. In our office, Dr. Anterasian has performed over 2000 consecutive Fraxel laser procedures with excellent results. Our patients have truly enjoyed the smoother, more youthful, and rejuvenated skin that Fraxel laser treatments provide.

In our office we are also using LED photo rejuvenation to enhance the results we are achieving with Fraxel laser resurfacing. By doing this, our patients gain additional smoothing and wrinkle reduction. They receive the benefit of two skin rejuvenation procedures, not just one. We perform the LED photo rejuvenation on a complementary basis for our Fraxel patients, allowing them to gain this additional improvement at no additional charge. Learn more about LED Photo rejuvenation.

How It Works

The Fraxel Restore laser utilizes a new technology called Fractional Resurfacing. With Fractional Resurfacing Technology, only a fraction of the skin receives the laser light. The laser delivers a series of microscopic closely spaced laser spots to the skin while simultaneously preserving normal healthy skin between the laser spots. This preservation of healthy skin results in rapid healing following the laser treatment. The entire face can be treated with the laser in approximately 30 minutes.


After Fraxel Restore laser treatment, fine lines and wrinkles are improved, skin texture is much smoother, and skin crepiness is reduced. In addition, brown spots are lessened and the skin color becomes more even and uniform. Acne scars and any other scars are also improved.

Treatments with the Fraxel Restore laser have no recovery downtime. There is no need for pain medicine after the treatment, as any discomfort from the procedure is minimal. Patients can return to work immediately after their treatment or the next day. Optimum results are generally achieved by a series of 4 to 5 treatment sessions spaced three to four weeks apart.

Our patients have been very pleased with the improvement in their skin’s appearance following their Fraxel laser treatments. The Fraxel Restore laser has truly revolutionized the science of skin rejuvenation.

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Fraxel Restore laser is an ideal treatment for fine lines, wrinkles, brown, sun and age spots, and acne scarring. Contact us to learn about Fraxel Restore