Who Is It For

TruSculpt is designed for patients who have stubborn areas of bulging fat that cannot be reduced in spite of a healthy diet and a good exercise program. TruSculpt treatments result in a noticeable and natural looking fat reduction in the treated areas. The goal of the treatment is to reduce the bulging fatty tissue in order to improve the contour and shape of the body.

Potential candidates for the truSculpt procedure may have any skin type and any skin color. The most commonly treated areas are the abdomen, love handles, and outer thighs, but any area of localized excessive fat can potentially be treated with the truSculpt device.

How It Works

TruSculpt works by heating the fatty tissues to temperatures that are high enough to result in the therapeutic reduction of fat, but not so high as to be uncomfortable or painful. The device uses radio frequency energy to heat the tissues.

The treatment begins by placing the truSculpt hand piece on the skin. Heat is then applied to the fatty tissue through the skin for four minutes. After the four-minute pulse is completed, the hand piece is moved to the adjacent tissue. This process is repeated until the entire area has been treated.

The process of heating the fat for four minutes induces the body’s natural systems to break down the fat cells in the treated areas. The process of natural fat cell reduction takes about two months, at which time most patients will undergo a second treatment.

The procedure is comfortable and very easy to tolerate. No pain medications or numbing creams are required. Treatment times are typically about an hour and can cover large areas of the body. The procedure is completely non-invasive, and there is absolutely no downtime after a truSculpt procedure. Patients can resume all of their normal activities, including returning to work and exercise programs, immediately after the treatment. Generally, patients will receive two treatments about two months apart.


Trusculpt treatments result in an improved body contour with noticeably less fat in the treated areas. The result occurs gradually over a two month period following the procedure. Two months after the first procedure, most patients will undergo a second procedure to further enhance the result.

The procedure is extremely safe. There is minimal discomfort during the procedure and absolutely no down time after the procedure. There may be mild redness after the procedure, but this quickly resolves within a few hours. Patients resume their normal activities, including returning to work and exercise programs, on the same day as the procedure.

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