Who Is It For

The Thermage CPT procedure is an FDA approved method for tightening skin and for smoothing wrinkles. This cosmetic procedure does not require invasive surgery, chemicals, needles, or lasers. Ideal candidates for Thermage CPT have mild to moderate facial laxity. The Thermage CPT procedure can also be used to treat patients who have areas of skin that are still loose after a surgical facelift.

The term “CPT” stands for “Comfort Pulse Technology.” With this technology, Thermage has become a much more comfortable and much more effective procedure for skin tightening. There are two ways in which Thermage CPT improves patient comfort. First, instead of one continuous unbroken pulse, the CPT technology breaks up the Thermage pulse into a series of micro-pulses. Second, the CPT technology delivers the Thermage pulses with vibration. The vibration reduces the sensation of heating, which also leads to improved patient comfort.

The greatly enhanced patient comfort allows us to make many more passes over the tissues. Depending on the area being treated, we now make 8-12 passes over the tissues with Thermage CPT instead of the 4-5 passes that we used to make with the earlier generation of Thermage. As a result, Thermage CPT treatments are not only much more comfortable for our patients but also much more effective than the earlier generations of Thermage.

The Thermage CPT procedure is very safe. We have been performing Thermage since 2003, and we have gained extensive experience with this treatment. In our office, Dr. Anterasian has performed over 800 Thermage procedures with consistently excellent results. We are very pleased with the results that we have achieved with Thermage, and our patients have truly enjoyed the cosmetic enhancement the procedure provides.

In many physician offices a nurse performs this procedure. However in our practice, only board-certified physicians perform this procedure.

How It Works

The treatment tip simultaneously heats and cools the skin. It emits radio frequency energy to heat the collagen in the deeper layers of the skin while simultaneously protecting the top layers of the skin with a cooling spray. With the upgraded Thermage CPT, the heating profile has been enhanced to provide very even and uniform heating of the tissues. It is this enhanced heating profile combined with the increase in the number of passes that is responsible for the improved effectiveness of Thermage CPT over earlier generations of Thermage.

The heating action causes the collagen in the deeper layers of the skin to tighten immediately. In addition, it stimulates new collagen production, which further enhances the result. This new collagen is laid down over the next several months. The final result is visible approximately four months after the procedure.


The combined action of the immediate tightening of collagen and the production of new collagen results in a tighter skin and a more youthful appearance. Because improvement occurs at the fundamental level of collagen contraction and new collagen formation, the results are long lasting and should persist for years. The optimum result is generally achieved approximately four months following the procedure. At that time, if a patient wishes, the procedure can be repeated to further improve the result.

Any man or woman who is interested in a non-surgical approach to facial skin tightening is invited to call our office and make an appointment with either Dr. Anterasian or Dr. Amerian.

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