Q: I am having on-going active acne breakouts. What can I do to better control my acne?


A: In our office, we take a multifaceted approach to the treatment of acne. Our approach is designed to bring existing active acne under control, prevent future flare-ups of acne, treat acne scars, and leave our patients with healthy glowing skin. Depending on each patient™s unique needs, these four goals are accomplished by using a combination of medications, lights, lasers, facials, and peels. These treatments work best when they are used in combination. Treatment plans are always customized and are developed based on what each individual patient needs to most effectively treat their particular case of acne. Severe acne is treated more aggressively than mild acne.


Potential treatments for acne include topical medications which are applied to the skin, mild lasers and lights, photodynamic acne treatment, skin peels, facials, and occasionally oral medications.


Various lights and lasers are effective for acne. Blue light treats acne by reducing the number of bacteria living within the sebaceous glands. Red light enhances the blue light treatment by minimizing the redness and inflammation associated with active acne. Treatment with the Vbeam Perfecta laser reduces both active acne and the redness associated with acne. At times, we will combine either the blue light or Vbeam Perfecta laser with levulan. This procedure, which is called photodynamic acne treatment, treats active acne more intensely. Photodynamic acne treatment is indicated when more conservative treatments have not worked.


We also use facials and light skin peels as a component of our acne care programs. An acne facial will clean the pores and lighten dark blemishes. An acne skin peel will help clear acne blemishes, lighten the brown spots that can result from acne, smooth the skin, and brighten the skin. Acne facials and peels are part of an excellent acne care program and they help us give our patients healthy glowing skin!


Today, dermatologists have many options available to treat acne. No one should have to suffer from uncontrolled acne. We welcome all patients to our office who wish to have their acne better controlled.