You’re thinking about Botox, but you’re a bit apprehensive. You’ve heard some things and worry that Botox might have a few downsides. The best way to decide if Botox is right for you is to come in for a consultation. We can help you sort out the myths versus the realities of this powerful anti-aging treatment, and can analyze your skin to ensure Botox is the right fit. In the meantime, keep reading as we discuss some common Botox myths and the realities behind them.

Myth: Botox Will Leave You Looking Frozen

Botox jokes are a longstanding favorite on many of your favorite TV shows, but while funny, the jokes just aren’t true. Millions of Botox treatments are performed each year (on your friends, relatives, and co-workers), and you’ve likely never seen a frozen face. Botox results can be very natural looking. When properly injected, Botox smooths wrinkles caused by muscle activity (like crow’s feet), while leaving you free to make normal facial expressions. Dr. Amerian and Dr. Anterasian have been using Botox since it first became available for cosmetic use, and they are well known for their natural looking results.

Myth: Botox Injections Are Painful

Are you worried about the pain of your Botox injections? Nearly every one of our patients finds the treatment to be quite tolerable. Most of our patients don’t even need to numb their skin, but   if you’re worried about pain we will be happy to numb you.  The process is over quickly—often in just minutes. Give Botox a try; odds are, it won’t be nearly as painful as you’re imagining. Once you see the results, we’re certain you’ll be back for more.

Myth: Botox Isn’t Safe

Botox is a very safe and effective cosmetic treatment. Botox has been FDA approved for cosmetic use since 2002 and, prior to that, it was used to treat a variety of medical conditions. This treatment has an excellent safety record.  Millions of Botox treatments are given every year around the world in a very safe manner.  Dr. Amerian and Dr. Anterasian are extremely well trained in the safe use of Botox.

Myth: Botox Is Only for Women

Man or woman—if you have wrinkles caused by muscle activity, Botox may be the solution. This treatment works well on both genders. Many of our Botox patients are males, and well-known male celebrities like Simon Cowell have publicly declared their love for the product.

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