Q: I have a lot of brown spots, brown pigment, and sun damage in my skin. Which treatment would be best for me?


A:We recommend the Fraxel Restore Dual laser to our patients who want to improve their brown spots and abnormal brown pigment in their skin. Treatments with the Fraxel Restore Dual result in the rapid clearance of abnormal brown pigment from the skin, including the pigment found in brown spots, brown patches, and sun spots. In addition, skin color following the treatment is much more uniform and much less blotchy.


The Fraxel Restore Dual laser works by delivering laser energy into the top layers of the skin where the abnormal brown pigment is located. This results in rapid clearance of the pigment from the skin. As a result, significant reduction in abnormal brown pigment can be achieved in only one or two treatments sessions.


Fraxel Restore Dual laser treatments are very well tolerated and are performed using only numbing cream. There is no sedation or other anesthesia required. Following the laser treatment, there will be a mild flaking-off of the treated skin, which will be replaced with fresh new skin. There is no pain or recovery downtime following Fraxel Restore Dual laser treatments, and normal activities may be resumed immediately following the treatment. Skin care after the laser treatment consists of only the use of a sunscreen and moisturizer.


Our office has been performing Fraxel laser skin resurfacing since 2004, when the Fraxel laser was first introduced for skin rejuvenation. As a result, we have extensive experience with Fraxel laser skin treatment. Dr. Anterasian has performed nearly 2000 Fraxel laser procedures with consistently excellent results.


We personally welcome all patients to our office who wish to look younger without surgery, and who might be considering a skin rejuvenation procedure.