Dermal fillers under eyes are one of the cornerstones of anti-aging facial rejuvenation. By selecting and using the correct dermal filling agent(s), folds can be softened, lines and wrinkles made much less noticeable, and the face sculpted to look much more youthful – naturally.

Dr. Amerian and Dr. Anterasian have performed thousands of dermal filler procedures since 2003 when the FDA first approved the injections. The doctors’ depth of experience is coupled with a very personal approach to the use of facial fillers. Most importantly, the results of a dermal filler treatment should look natural. No one should be able to tell that you have had a cosmetic procedure. Instead, they should only notice that you look more refreshed.

Each of these dermal fillers is completely biocompatible, which means that they are safe, and no allergy testing is required.

Santa Monica Laser and Skin Care Center offers a variety of dermal fillers – each with its own specific properties. We will advise which of these injectables will produce your desired result. In some cases, we might recommend a combination of dermal fillers with BOTOX injections.


Juvederm is a smooth gel containing hyaluronic acid as the filling agent. It comes in several forms. Juvederm Ultra Plus is excellent for moderate wrinkles in the cheeks and moderately severe nasolabial folds. Juvederm Ultra is excellent for treating finer lines and for plumping the lips.

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Juvederm Voluma

Juvederm Voluma is thicker than the other forms of Juvederm and it has more lifting power. It is particularly useful for building up and enhancing the cheekbones. This results in Juvederm Voluma being highly effective at correcting sagging facial skin, restoring youthful fullness, and improving jowling in the cheek and chin areas. As a result, Juvederm Voluma treatment gives more of a non-surgical facelift result.

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Restylane is another hyaluronic acid gel filler that restores lost volume to the face and can plump the lips as well. It fills moderate to severe lines and wrinkles for a natural, more youthful look.

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Located conveniently in Santa Monica, Dr. Amerian and Dr. Anterasian treat patients in greater Los Angeles, including Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Manhattan Beach, Venice, Westwood, and Malibu.

If you’re interested in dermal fillers, contact Dr. Amerian and Dr. Anterasian at the Santa Monica Laser and Skin Care Center today for an appointment.