Cosmetic Surgery: The New Normal?“Cosmetic surgery has become the new makeup.” This bold statement recently appeared in an article about the normalization of cosmetic surgery featured by Time magazine. The article highlights many of the changes that are occurring in the plastic surgery field. What was once a closely guarded secret is now something men and women proudly proclaim. Plastic surgery isn’t something to hide anymore.

The moods, attitudes and perceptions about cosmetic enhancement are changing. And that is good for helping people to embrace their bodies. The Time article states, “Some people use cosmetic surgery to achieve looks that are more about self-affirmation… it’s good that fewer women are no longer keeping their procedures a secret.” Men and women can finally stop worrying about what’s wrong with their bodies and achieve the looks they dream of.

What’s Causing the Shift in Plastic Surgery Perception?

There is definitely a shift in how people feel about and see cosmetic surgery. What’s causing this shift? There are likely many factors. Take a look at a few possibilities:

  • Online Resources: It is easier than ever to learn about cosmetic surgery. Websites like RealSelf allow men and women to share reviews and photos, and to connect with surgeons. The Time article says, “Women, and a few men, often use their real names and post public pictures not just of their faces but also their nearly naked bodies.” If you’re curious about plastic surgery, you can find many answers online.
  • Minimally Invasive Options: Minimally invasive options, like many of the procedures we offer at the Santa Monica Laser and Skin Care Center, make cosmetic enhancement much more accessible. These procedures provide noticeable change that’s more subtle than surgery. They are often more affordable than surgery and require little or no downtime. These procedures make enhancement available to anyone. Last year Botox was the top cosmetic procedure in the U.S. with 7 million treatments performed.
  • Reality TV: Reality TV shows also contributed to the shift. Speaking about the creator of a popular cosmetic surgery reality show, the Time article says, “Schultz knew there was a national cultural shift when thousands of people showed up at auditions to get plastic surgery in the least discreet way possible–on network television.”

Cosmetic surgery and minimally invasive enhancements are the new normal. And that’s a good thing. You can now look your best without worrying about what others might think. Call us today and schedule your appointment.