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Everyone is always looking for the latest and greatest ways to slow down or reverse the signs of aging.

Many anti-aging measures on the market today are quite invasive and can pose a number of risks. The FDA-approved Fraxel Laser, which is an unobtrusive cosmetic procedure that has become quite popular. Many have tried it and said that it gave them back many years lost to the aging process.

For women who are looking into Fraxel laser treatments it is important to do your research and learn if this is the best option for you.

Dr. Mary Lee Amerian and Dr. George Anterasian are Fraxel experts. They’ve created this visual infographic to help explain a little about the Fraxel laser procedure and let people know a little bit about their work and the results their patients have seen. If you’re considering Fraxel check out this infographic and then contact Dr. Mary Lee Amerian and Dr. George Anterasian to schedule your consultation.

Explore the full range of Fraxel lasers and learn which one is right for you!

Fraxel Laser FAQ Infogtaphic

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