non-surgical-fat-reduction-santa-monica-caWhat is your ideal body? You’ve done everything you can (exercise, eating right, etc.), but you still aren’t quite there. Maybe you have a little extra belly fat or some love handles. Perhaps you have lost weight and have loose, saggy skin. Whatever the case, we can help you achieve your dream body. Call and schedule your non-surgical fat reduction treatment at the Santa Monica Laser and Skin Care Center.

We have a variety of options available for fighting fat and perfecting your shape. We can help you choose the right treatment for your body type and aesthetic goals. Call us today.


A specialized laser that reduces fat by heating it, the SculpSure treatment can dramatically reduce fat in the midsection. This treatment is great for targeting love handles and abdominal bulges. The treatment takes about 25 minutes and most patients just need one. SculpSure is safe, effective, and easy.

During the SculpSure treatment we generally treat both sides of the body to maintain symmetry. You’ll feel heat, but patients find that the procedure is very tolerable and not painful. During the treatment you can rest, read a book, use your phone/tablet, etc. After treatment the results will appear gradually over the next 2-3 months. Most patients lose 20-25% of the fat in the treatment area. A second treatment can be performed after a few months for additional fat loss.


If you have stubborn fat, ask us about truSculpt, a fat reduction treatment that uses radio frequency to heat fat. This treatment is ideal for treating diet/exercise resistant fat in a variety of areas. We commonly use this device on the abdomen, thighs, and love handles, but any area can potentially receive treatment. TruSculpt works on any skin type and any skin color.

TruSculpt treatments take about an hour each and many patients will receive 2 treatments.

This treatment is well tolerated and very comfortable. Numbing creams and pain medications are not needed. After your treatment you can return to your regular activities immediately. Results appear gradually over the next two to three months.


CoolSculpting uses cold to destroy fat cells in the abdomen, thighs, waist, and back. The powerful cooling freezes the fat cells and once destroyed they are naturally eliminated by the body. Results are long lasting, as fat cells can’t regenerate once destroyed.

Treatment is very comfortable. Most patients report zero discomfort while the applicator is on the skin. After treatment you can resume your regular activities immediately with no downtime. You may feel a bit of tenderness and soreness in the treatment area.


After losing stubborn fat, you may have a bit of loose skin that remains. This stretched out skin won’t shrink with diet or exercise, but we can treat it with a Thermage treatment. Thermage tightens and lifts skin and is often used after pregnancy or weight loss to tighten the skin up again.

Although Thermage doesn’t remove fat, it can create the appearance of a tighter, flatter body. It is the perfect complement to many of our fat removing treatments.

Stubborn fat? Not with these fat reducing treatments. Call us today and schedule your appointment at the Santa Monica Laser and Skin Care Center.