Double chin? Not for long. We’re offering an exciting new treatment for double chins: Kybella. It is completely non-surgical and can provide stunning, lasting results. Call us and learn more about Kybella.

What Is Kybella?I’ve Heard There’s a New Treatment for Double Chins… What Is Kybella?

Kybella is an FDA-approved prescription medication for treating submental fullness (aka double chin). Kybella consists of deoxycholic acid, which is a naturally occurring molecule found in the body that aids in the breakdown of dietary fat. When injected under the chin, Kybella destroys the fat cells in the treated area, leading to a more contoured appearance.  Once the fat cells are gone, they do not come back.

Most patients will see a response after two Kybella treatments spaced about a month apart.   Some patients with more fat in their double chin will require a few extra treatments.

Is Kybella Safe?

Kybella is a newer cosmetic treatment, but it had to prove itself safe and effective to receive FDA approval. There have been over 20 clinical studies with more than 2,600 patients worldwide.  At least 1,600 of these patients received Kybella. Kybella is now considered a safe and effective treatment option for excess fat under the chin. You can read the safety information for Kybella here.

What’s Recovery Like?

Kybella is non-surgical and many patients handle the treatment with minimal to no downtime. Bruising, redness, tenderness, swelling, numbness, etc. can occur after treatment, but these effects generally fade quickly. We’ll talk with you about what to expect during your recovery before treatment.

How Can I Learn More?

We’re excited to bring our patients this new and exciting treatment option for submental fullness. Call us today and learn more about this treatment if you:

  • Have excess fat under the chin due to aging or other factors.
  • Want a better-defined facial and neck profile.
  • Are embarrassed by your double chin.
  • Want to look better without surgery.

Double chins are very common (research suggests 68% of adults are bothered by fullness under the chin) and Kybella is an exciting, non-surgical solution. This treatment is great for both male and female patients. Call us today to learn more.