Gobble gobble… if you’ve got turkey necks on your mind, we’ve got the solution. CaptureWe offer a variety of treatments that will tighten up that loose skin, eliminate your double chin, and leave you looking amazing. Turkey neck? No more!

What Is a Turkey Neck?

Do you have a turkey neck? If you have loose, sagging skin under the chin you have a turkey neck. The term comes from the similarity in appearance this loose skin can have to a turkey’s wattle. The name is cute, but a turkey neck certainly isn’t. Luckily, they are very treatable, especially if you seek treatment before it’s pronounced.

What Are My Treatment Options for Turkey Neck?

If you want to improve the appearance of your neck, we have several treatment options available. Let’s take a look:

  • Kybella- If you have a double chin, Kybella can help. It is an injectable medication that breaks down fat using deoxycholic acid. It is the first and only FDA approved prescription treatment for non-surgical fat removal under the chin. Treatments take only 15-20 minutes per session with most patients needing 2-3 treatments for optimal results. If fat under the chin is causing your turkey neck, ask us about Kybella. This treatment can transform your profile without surgery.
  • Thermage- Tighten and lift sagging skin with Thermage, a non-surgical tightening technique that works without lasers, without needles, and without injections. Thermage is an effective lifting solution for patients with mild to moderate skin laxity, perfect for those turkey necks. You’ll see results after just one treatment and can receive a second treatment for more improvement if needed.
  • Fraxel Repair– The Fraxel Repair treatment will require some downtime, but it also yields impressive results in just one treatment. It can provide effective tightening of moderate skin laxity. Plan for 5-6 days of downtime after treatment. This device offers results that you can see. Give it a try and watch your turkey neck disappear.

Which Turkey Neck Treatment Is Right for Me?

Which treatment is right for you? Each of these treatment options has unique benefits. We can discuss your options and help you determine which treatment will yield the best results for your situation. In general Kybella is ideal for patients with fat deposits under the chin. Thermage is a good option for patients with mild to moderate laxity and Fraxel Repair is the most advanced option for patients who need the most tightening and rejuvenation.

Say goodbye to your turkey neck… because turkey only belongs on the dinner table!