With summer and the traditional summertime outdoor entertainment season starting soon, our office is offering an exceptional eyelid rejuvenation package so that more of our patients can look their best. The package begins with the eyelid Thermage procedure to lift and tighten the skin of the eyelids and the tissues around the eyelids. To ensure the best possible result from the eyelid Thermage, all of our patients receive a minimum of four or five complete passes of the Thermage treatment tip over the treated areas. After the eyelid Thermage, our patients can choose between having either a Botox treatment to the tissues around the eyes and eyebrows or a treatment with one full syringe of Restylane or Juvederm. We are offering this package for $1850 during June and July, which is more than a $750 discount from the regular price. We have been very pleased with the results we have achieved with eyelid Thermage, and our patients have truly enjoyed the cosmetic improvement the procedure provides.


In our office, the eyelid Thermage procedure is performed only by Dr. Anterasian, a board certified physician and surgeon. He was one of the first physicians in Los Angeles to perform eyelid Thermage, and he has extensive experience with the procedure.


Eyelid Thermage is one of Dr. Amerian’s favorite procedures, and Dr. Anterasian has performed the procedure twice on Dr. Amerian’s eyelids during the past nine months. Dr. Amerian will be happy to show any of our interested patients her “before and after” photographs.


Any of our patients who wish to take advantage of this special opportunity to rejuvenate their eyelids are invited to call our office at 310-829-9396 and make an appointment with either Dr. Amerian or Dr. Anterasian.