You love Botox for its superb wrinkle-fighting abilities, but that’s not all this treatment can do. Aside from its cosmetic uses, it is also used as a treatment for a variety of medical issues. Let’s take a look at some other uses of Botox:

Chronic Migraine

As migraine sufferers know, a migraine is miserable. Treatments are often ineffective and the side effects can be debilitating. When a migraine does strike (and for many with migraines, this happens far too often), it can last for days, leading to missed work, canceled appointments, stressed relationships and even hospitalization. Botox is often used as a preventative treatment for chronic migraines. It is injected every 12 weeks and can reduce the number of headache days per month by as much as 9.

Overactive Bladder

Leakage, sudden and urgent pressure to go, and heading to the bathroom too often: overactive bladder isn’t a pleasant experience. Botox may be able to help. Injected into the bladder muscles by a urologist, Botox may be able to reduce the symptoms and severity of overactive bladder. In clinical trials, it was shown to reduce the number of daytime accidents by almost half, a big reduction in this embarrassing problem.

Severe Underarm Sweating

If antiperspirants aren’t keeping you dry, Botox may be the solution. It is injected into the underarms of people with severe sweating when regular and prescription antiperspirants aren’t working well enough. In studies, it has been found to reduce the amount of underarm sweating for as long as 201 days, more than 6 months, with just a single treatment.

Uncontrolled Blinking and Eye Movements

Uncoordinated eye movements and uncontrolled blinking are two medical conditions that Botox may be able to help. Uncontrolled blinking is known as blepharospasm. Botox is injected into the affected muscles and can relax and reduce the severity of this condition. Strabismus, a condition that causes the eyes to move separately and can create double vision, can also be treated with Botox. For those severely impacted by this condition, Botox may be able to restore normal vision and allow the patient to resume activities like driving.

The next time you come in for your cosmetic Botox injections, take a minute and give thanks for this amazing treatment that is so much more than just a beauty aid. What other uses of Botox will work for you?