Think facials are just for pampering? Think again. Facials can dramatically improve the overall health and appearance of your skin. They increase blood flow and circulation, remove dead skin cells, hydrate the skin and unclog pores. Facials can help prevent those breakouts and can leave your skin bright and radiant. If you haven’t had a facial lately, come on in and enjoy one. Gorgeous skin awaits!

Which facial is right for your skin type? Keep reading to learn more about some of our wonderful facials. We can provide customized recommendations for your skin during your appointment.

Vitamin C Facial

An hour-long aromatherapy facial, our Vitamin C Facial starts with cleansing and prepping the skin and finishes with an impurity-removing aromatherapy steam treatment. A dual high frequency wand kills bacteria and soothes the skin while the Vitamin C mask firms and tones. We finish the treatment with a cooling and soothing liquid nitrogen wand. Treatment takes about an hour.

This facial is ideal for many skin types and is great for fighting blemishes and brightening dull, tired skin.

Silkpeel Dermalinfusion

What Facial Is Right for My Skin Type?The Silkpeel Dermalinfusion combines advanced exfoliation with the application of topical serums.  The diamond tip hand piece is applied first to exfoliate damaged skin cells.  Then, the Dermalinfusion process is used to deliver hyaluronic acid and vitamin C deep into the skin.  The Silkpeel Dermalinfusion leaves your skin beautiful, fresh, and soft.

Oxygen Facial

A wonderful addition to any facial, our Oxygen Facial uses medical grade oxygen as the finishing touch to another facial treatment. The oxygen treatment exfoliates, cleanses, and hydrates the skin.

This treatment is ideal for all skin types, but works especially well for those that are that are trying to improve the appearance of fine lines.

Glycolic Facial

A gently exfoliating peel, our Glycolic Acid Peel can revitalize dull skin. We often use glycolic acid peels to improve the clarity, texture, and tone of the skin. This peel can shrink pores, fight acne and firm skin. This is a light peel that leaves your skin feeling refreshed.

Unlike some deep peels, glycolic acid peels can be used on most skin types and colors. This is a great option for oily, acne-prone skin and it may improve the appearance of some brown spots.

“Skin Deep” Regenerating Facial

If you’ve got loose, sagging skin, the “Skin Deep” Regenerating Facial is the perfect choice. This 90-minute treatment begins with microdermabrasion to remove dead skin cells. The facial muscles are then treated with micro-currents to stimulate muscle fibers and increase facial lifting and toning. Finally, an LED light source is placed over the skin to calm redness and stimulate collagen production.

This facial is great for older skin with visible signs of aging. If you want firmer skin, try the “Skin Deep” Regenerating Facial.

Amerian-Tronic Facial

We don’t like to play favorites, but when it comes to facials, the Amerian-Tronic Facial does hold a special place in our hearts. Our signature facial, this treatment combines six of our favorite facial techniques. If you need to look gorgeous instantly, this is the facial for you. We recommend this facial for big events and special occasions.

During this 90-minute facial, you’ll receive microdermabrasion, a glycolic acid peel, micro-current stimulation, ultrasound therapy, a rejuvenating mask and an oxygen cocktail with 87 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes. The experience is pure relaxation and your skin will look amazing. Wow!

Men’s Facial

Facials aren’t just for the ladies. We offer Men’s Facials too. These are highly customized to your specific skincare needs and include a multi-botanical scrub, extractions, a rejuvenation mask, and facial massage.

Isn’t it time your face got a little TLC? Call us today at 310-829-9396 to schedule your facial. We’ve got a facial for every skin type and every occasion.