body contouring

Do you dream of gorgeous curves, but don’t want to go under the knife? You don’t have to go it alone or resort to surgery to get your ideal summer body. Check out our non-surgical body contouring options below. A beautiful bikini body starts now, so give us a call to schedule your consultation!


Our most popular body contouring procedure, SculpSure is a highly effective treatment that can transform your body! It is an FDA approved, completely non-invasive laser treatment that reduces fat by heating it with a laser. Fat reduction with SculpSure is noticeable and yet still very natural looking. This procedure is ideal for fat reduction in the love handles, abdomen, and thighs and can be used on any other areas of fat that need to be reduced. The 25-minute treatment results in permanent reduction of fat cells in the treated areas.   There is absolutely no downtime after SculpSure and patients can resume all their usual activities immediately after leaving the office.


If you have stubborn fat, freeze it away with CoolSculpting. This revolutionary body contouring treatment uses cold to destroy fat cells, allowing your body to permanently remove them. An extremely effective treatment, CoolSculpting produces its results gradually over the next 2-3 months after treatment.  No one needs to know you’ve had help achieving your ideal body, as no downtime is needed.  Many of our patients use this treatment to battle their abdominal bulges, but CoolSculpting can be used on many different areas with excellent results.


Diet and exercise are essentials for a strong and healthy body but, sometimes, eating right and hitting the gym aren’t enough. If you have stubborn fat pockets that remain even after your best efforts, TruSculpt may be the treatment for you. This body contouring treatment uses radio frequency energy to break down the fat cells in the treatment area, resulting in noticeably improved body contours and less fat. TruSculpt can be used to treat a variety of areas on your body, including the abdomen, thighs, back fat, etc. TruSculpt is a pain-free treatment that requires no downtime (return to your regular activities and exercise immediately). Two treatments are typically needed to achieve the maximum benefit.

Which of these treatments is right for you? Come in and we’ll help you choose the right treatment for your trouble spots. A better body awaits; no surgery needed! Call today and ask about your options for non-surgical body contouring.