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Am I a Good Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?


What are your favorite things about summer? Swimming, hiking, and hitting the beach are some of our favorite things to do when the temperatures start to spike.  But, if there’s one thing we hate, it’s shaving. Ditch that razor and enjoy silky smooth legs summer, fall, winter, and beyond. Ask [...]

My Home Acne Treatments Are No Longer Enough. What Can I Do?


Do you struggle with acne? Many patients come in for their first visit with us feeling discouraged. They’re convinced their acne is untreatable. They’ve tried topical creams and traditional treatments and just aren’t seeing the results they would like. We tell these patients to give us some time and that [...]

Discover Your Best Summer Body with SculpSure


Dr. Anterasian recently returned from the annual American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery meeting, which was held in Boston. The event was filled with informative presentations on the latest advancements in laser treatments. It is a must-attend event to ensure we’re offering you the most cutting-edge options in our [...]

Your Fraxel 4-1-1 for Skin Rejuvenation


Is your skin starting to show signs of aging? Rejuvenate with Fraxel. With several available devices, this revolutionary laser offers a rejuvenation solution for most everyone. Which treatment is right for you? Keep reading to learn more about the Fraxel laser for skin rejuvenation, or call our office and schedule [...]

PRP Is the Latest and Greatest in Skin Rejuvenation


Harness the healing power deep within your body and discover your best skin. The secret to flawless skin isn’t always perfect genetics. With PRP, we can improve and transform your skin using powerful growth factors found within your own blood. Smoother, tighter, younger looking skin is possible. Ask us about [...]

I Want to Get Rid of My Unsightly Leg Veins by Summer


Grab your shorts and put those gams on display. If you have unsightly leg veins, hurry in. We can help you get shorts and swimsuit-ready by summer. Banish your unwanted leg veins and your self-consciousness with them. What Causes Leg Veins? Spider veins and varicose veins are often unsightly (and [...]

Listen to Dr. Anterasian on eHealth Radio!


Dr. George Anterasian, a Board-Certified Surgeon Specialing in laser & light base skin & fat treatments based at Santa Monica Laser and Skin Care Center located in Santa Monica, California joins eHealth Radio and the Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Information Channels. Dr. Anterasian will discuss the non-invasive fat reduction and [...]

Rejuvenate for Summer with Our Skincare Specials


Summer savings abound at the Santa Monica Laser and Skin Care Center. We can help you discover great skin while saving you money, too. Summer is a time many of us appreciate going “au natural”, and these specials will give you the stunning skin to do just that. Hurry in [...]

Are Botox Parties Safe?


Botox with besties may sound like the perfect combination but before you head to a Botox party, there are a few things you need to know. Botox parties aren’t the safest way to banish wrinkles. Instead, come into the Santa Monica Laser and Skin Care Center for your Botox procedure. [...]

Botox vs. Fillers – How to Know What You Need


Smoother skin and fewer wrinkles are just a single cosmetic treatment away. With only a few quick injections and no downtime, you can discover younger looking skin. If you’re ready to try injectables, give us a call and schedule your first treatment. Injectables—the Key to a Younger Looking You Do [...]

Have Sun Damage? Try This!


Although prevention is the best solution to sun damage (make sure you’re using that sunscreen), it is possible to reverse some signs of sun damage and to improve the appearance of your skin. Come into the Santa Monica Laser and Skin Care Center for personalized treatment recommendations. What Are My [...]

Summer Approaches! Discover SculpSure for Body Contouring


The weather is heating up. Is your body bikini-ready? If the thought of swimsuit shopping makes you long for winter’s layers, come see us. We can help get your body ready for summer with SculpSure. A gorgeous summer body starts now. Call us today! What Is SculpSure? SculpSure is a [...]

Get Ready for Summer with Our Specials on SculpSure and More


The weather’s heating up and summer’s almost here. Are you ready? People tend to go “au natural” a lot more during the summer, making it ever more important to have beautiful skin. And, don’t forget—summer also means bikinis. We’ve got the perfect special this month to get your face and [...]

SculpSure: Your Questions Answered


Q: What is SculpSure? A: Sculpsure is a new treatment for non-invasive fat reduction. It is a laser that reduces fat by heating it. SculpSure is FDA approved for the non-invasive reduction of fat in the abdomen and in the love handle areas. SculpSure can treat many other areas of fat [...]

Rejuvenate Your Skin this Spring!


Spring into beautiful skin! Spring is nature’s time for rejuvenation; get in on the fun and give your skin a little TLC, too. These treatments are perfect for a springtime pick-me-up for your face. Call and schedule your treatments today. Injectables - Smoother Skin Is a Hop, Skip, and a [...]

Dermal Fillers


As everyone knows, more and more patients are looking to physicians to help them achieve a more youthful appearance. One of the cornerstones of facial rejuvenation is the use of dermal fillers. By selecting and using the correct dermal filling agent, folds can be softened, lines and wrinkles made much [...]

Aesthetic Services for Men


Recent years have seen a significant increase in the number of men seeking facial rejuvenation. Men have discovered, like women, that there are economic and social benefits that result from looking your best. Men often find it hard to ask about cosmetic procedures. For that reason, in this newsletter, we [...]

Rejuventating Other Parts of the Body With Fraxel


By now, most of our patients have become very familiar with Fraxel laser resurfacing of the face. Introduced in 2004 and now in its second generation, the Fraxel laser has become the gold standard for no or minimal downtime laser skin resurfacing. After a series of Fraxel laser treatments to the face, patients can [...]

The New Fraxel Repair Laser


The Fraxel Repair is the newest member of the Fraxel family of lasers, and it provides an additional option for skin resurfacing. The major difference between the Fraxel Repair and the original Fraxelis that the light emitted by the Fraxel Repair laser is based on carbon dioxide (CO2) instead of erbium. The use of carbon dioxide as the [...]

Fraxel Repair Laser


Dr. Amerian and Dr. Anterasian are proud to announce that we have received our state of the artFraxel Repair Laser and are now using it to perform skin rejuvenation procedures. The Fraxel Repair is the newest member of the Fraxel family of lasers, and it provides an additional option for skin resurfacing. [...]

Face and Neck Rejuvenation


For women and men who would like to improve the appearance of their face and neck, we are offering a special rejuvenation package using the new Fraxel Repair laser. The package begins with a complete Fraxel Repair laser treatment to the face. This treatment will significantly improve wrinkles, furrows, fine [...]

Using Light to Soften and Smooth the Skin


Photorejuvenation with LEDs (light emitting diodes) is a non-invasive method of rejuvenating the skin. The LEDs emit light that stimulates skin cell activity without causing damage to the skin's dermis or epidermis. LED treatments have no downtime, no side effects, and can be used on any skin type.   With [...]

Tightening and Rejuvenating Eyelids Without Surgery


During the past four years, there have been dramatic and revolutionary advances in laser technology. By applying these new technologies to the eyelids, it has become possible to rejuvenate and tighten the eyelid skin in nearly all patients without surgery. Today, surgery only needs to be done on the most [...]

Dermal Fillers


Q: What can I do to give my face a more youthful look without undergoing surgery?   More and more patients are turning to physicians to help them achieve a more youthful appearance. One of the cornerstones of modern facial rejuvenation is the use of dermal fillers. With the correct dermal [...]

Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation – Botox Revisited


Q: What can I do to give my face a more youthful look without undergoing surgery?   A: Many people today are concerned about the cosmetic appearance of the vertical lines between their eyebrows. These lines result from repeated contraction of the muscles in this area. When the muscles between the eyebrows [...]