Dr. Anterasian Selected to “America’s Top Surgeons” (Again!)

Dr. George Anterasian is proud to announce that he has again been selected as one of “America’s Top Surgeons.” This is the second year in a row that Dr. Anterasian has received this honor. This selection is made based upon Dr. Anterasian’s experience, training, board certification, continuing medical education, and consistently excellent results.


“I want to thank all of my patients for giving me the privilege of allowing me to take care of them. I look forward to serving my patients surgical, laser, and cosmetic skin care needs for many years to come.”
-George Anterasian, MD

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Dr. Mary Lee Amerian on “The Doctors”

Recently, Dr. Amerian had the honor of appearing on the television show “The Doctors,” where she spoke about wintertime cold weather skin care. Doing the show was a lot of fun for her. We have posted a video clip of her appearance on our website. If you missed seeing her when the show aired on television, you can still watch Dr. Amerian’s appearance by clicking here.


Dr. Anterasian Attends National Laser Meeting in Washington, D.C.

The American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery, the world’s premier organization of laser specialists, held its annual meeting in Washington, D.C. during the first week of April. Dr. Anterasian attended this meeting, as he does every year. Nearly every type of laser treatment was discussed at the meeting, and recent advances in treatments were reviewed.


Three of the highlights of the meeting were the following:

1. Facial rejuvenation with the Fraxel Repair laser and other fractionated carbon dioxide lasers continues to grow in popularity. Many speakers reviewed this subject. It appears that one Fraxel Repair treatment is at least as effective, and possibly more effective, than five treatments with the original Fraxel laser (now known as the Fraxel “Restore” laser). In addition, Fraxel Repair treatment also results in more skin tightening.


2. Some patients are choosing to have Fraxel Repair treatment only on relatively smaller areas of the face, such as the upper lip and eyelids, in order to gain improvement in lip lines and eyelid laxity. This results in a noticeable cosmetic enhancement in the treated areas. Patients undergoing these treatments have a very smooth and easy recovery. Most patients, however, are electing to undergo full face or full face and neck procedures.


3. Lastly, a major trend was combining on the same day and in one treatment session the use of multiple lasers to treat different problems in the skin. For example, the Vbeam laser for redness, the Q-switched alexandrite laser for brown spots, and either the Fraxel Repair or the Fraxel Restore laser for skin rejuvenation might all be used during the same office visit to improve the appearance of the skin of the face. This treatment approach results in much better improvement in the appearance of the skin and accomplishes the improvement in fewer visits to the office.


Looking Your Best in a Slow Economy

With the slow-down in the American economy, many patients have found that it is more difficult for them to obtain the cosmetic procedures they wish. In order to help with this problem, the Santa Monica Laser and Skin Care Center is now accepting CareCredit. CareCredit is a part of the General Electric Company. Our patients who take advantage of their services are able to obtain zero interest financing on their cosmetic procedures.


As an example, a Fraxel Repair procedure on the face costs $2950. With CareCredit, this can be paid for over a one year period by making a payment of $246 a month for twelve months.


We are accepting CareCredit on our Fraxel Restore laser and Fraxel Repair laser treatments, Thermage procedures, and all other cosmetic procedures. Any of our patients who would like to use CareCredit should simply let our office staff know so that the appropriate arrangements can be made.

Call our office today at 310 829 9396


The Zero-Interest Financing Spring Laser Special –A Complete Facial Rejuvenation Package

So that more of our patients can truly look their best, our office is offering an exceptional facial rejuvenation package this spring. The package begins with a patient selecting which of three facial rejuvenation procedures to undergo. A patient may choose to have Thermage, a single treatment with the Fraxel Repair Laser, or a series of four Fraxel Restore laser treatments. The package also includes a treatment with Botox to two areas of the face or a treatment with one full syringe of Restylane or Juvederm. We are offering these packages at the special price of $2500 for Thermage, $3450 for Fraxel Restore, and $2950 for Fraxel Repair. These prices represent more than a $750 discount from our regular prices. Zero interest financing is available.


The Thermage package is best suited for patients who have mild to moderate facial laxity and wish to achieve tightening of the face and upper neck. The Fraxel Repair package is best suited for patients who have fine lines, skin laxity, and brown spots, and wish to complete their rejuvenation in a single treatment. The Fraxel Repair is also the best non-surgical tissue tightening laser available. The Fraxel Restore package is best suited for patients who need to improve fine lines and brown pigmentation in the face or who wish to soften facial scars such as acne scars. All three procedures give long-lasting results that should persist for years.


In our office, these laser procedures are all performed by Dr. Anterasian. Dr. Anterasian has performed nearly two thousand Thermage, Fraxel Repair, and FraxelRestore procedures with consistently excellent results. He has been honored by selection to “America’s Top Surgeons” by the Consumer’s Research Council of America for 2008 and for 2009.


Dr. Amerian and Dr. Anterasian will be happy to assist any of our patients choose which package is best for them. In addition, we will be happy to give a recommendation to anyone who might wish to give a Facial Rejuvenation Package as a gift.


We are offering this special until June 30, 2009. Any of our patients who would like to take advantage of this special are invited to call our office at 310-829-9396 for an appointment.