TruSculpt for Non-Surgical Non-Invasive Body Contouring

Dr. Amerian and Dr. Anterasian are proud to announce that we have obtained our truSculpt device and are now using it in our office. TruSculpt is designed for patients who have stubborn areas of bulging fat that cannot be reduced in spite of a healthy diet and a good exercise program. TruSculpt treatments result in a noticeable and natural looking fat reduction in the treated areas. The goal of the treatment is to improve the contour and shape of the body by reducing these bulging fatty tissues.


Potential candidates for the truSculpt procedure may have any skin type and any skin color. The most commonly treated areas are the abdomen, love handles, and outer thighs, but any area of localized excessive fat can potentially be treated with the truSculpt device.


TruSculpt works by heating the fatty tissues to temperatures that are high enough to result in the therapeutic reduction of fat, but not so high as to be uncomfortable or painful. The device uses radio frequency energy to heat the tissues.


Heating the fat for four minutes induces the body’s natural systems to break down the fat cells in the treated areas. The process of natural fat cell reduction takes about two months to complete, at which time most patients will undergo a second treatment.

The procedure is extremely safe and very easy to tolerate. No pain medications or numbing creams are required. The procedure is completely non-invasive, and there is absolutely no downtime after a truSculpt procedure. Treatment times are typically about an hour and can cover large areas of the body. Patients resume all of their normal activities, including returning to work and exercise programs, on the same day as the procedure. Generally, patients will receive two treatments about two months apart.


In our office we are now able to use the truSculpt device and the Coolsculpting device to reduce fat non-invasively. This enhanced capability to reduce fat means improved results for patients. Any of our patients who wish to discuss non-surgical non-invasive fat removal are invited to call our office and make an appointment with either Dr. Amerian or Dr. Anterasian.


Please call our office at 310-829-9396 to take advantage of these special holiday offers. These holiday savings will be in effect until December 31, 2012.



The New Year Resolution Makeover for 2013

To mark the start of the new year, our office is offering exceptional facial rejuvenation packages. The start of a new year offers a fresh beginning for every one of us. We invite any of our patients who would like to begin 2013 looking younger and more refreshed to take advantage of these special opportunities.



The packages begin with a patient selecting which of three facial rejuvenation procedures to undergo. A patient may choose to have Thermage CPT, a series of three Fraxel Dual laser treatments, or a single Fraxel Repair treatment. The packages also include a treatment with Botox to two areas of the face or a treatment with one full syringe of Juvederm. We are offering these New Year packages at the special price of $2500 for Thermage CPT, $2750 for Fraxel Dual, and $2950 for Fraxel Repair. These prices represent more than a $750 discount from our regular prices. In addition, zero interest financing through CareCredit is available.



The Thermage package is best suited for patients who have mild to moderate facial laxity and wish to achieve tightening of the face and upper neck. The Fraxel Dual package is best suited for patients who need to improve fine lines and brown pigmentation in the face. The Fraxel Repair package is best suited for patients who wish to obtain tissue tightening, improve fine lines, wrinkles, and brown spots, and complete their rejuvenation in a single procedure.



In our office, these procedures are all performed by Dr. Anterasian. Dr. Anterasian has performed over two thousand Thermage, Fraxel, and Fraxel Repair procedures with consistently excellent results. He has been honored by selection to “America’s Top Surgeons” by the Consumer’s Research Council of America for the years 2008 – 2012.



Dr. Amerian and Dr. Anterasian will be happy to assist any of our patients choose which package is best for them. In addition, we will be happy to give a recommendation to anyone (perhaps a husband or spouse?) who might wish to give a Facial Rejuvenation Package as a gift. These special offers will be in effect until February 28, 2013.



Removing Sun Spots, Brown Spots, Freckles, and Patchy Areas

Q: I have a lot of brown spots, brown pigment, and sun damage in my skin. Which treatment would be best for me?
A: We recommend the Fraxel Restore Dual laser to our patients who want to improve their brown spots and abnormal brown pigment in their skin. Treatments with the Fraxel Restore Dual result in the rapid clearance of abnormal brown pigment from the skin, including the pigment found in brown spots, brown patches, and sun spots. In addition, skin color following the treatment is much more uniform and much less blotchy



These environmental factors impede the proper functioning of the skin’s lipids (fats), which normally help to keep the skin hydrated. The following tips will help you keep your skin healthy and looking its best during the winter months:
The Fraxel Restore Dual laser works by delivering laser energy into the top layers of the skin where the abnormal brown pigment is located. This results in rapid clearance of the pigment from the skin. As a result, significant reduction in abnormal brown pigment can be achieved in only a few treatments sessions. Commonly treated areas include the face, neck, chest, and hands.



In addition to the Fraxel laser, we also use the Q-switched alexandrite laser in our office to remove brown spots. This laser is used to remove a wide variety of pigmented skin lesions. Sun spots, brown spots, freckles, and patchy areas on the face and body can all be removed with the “Q-switched Alex.” The laser is extremely safe and highly effective. It is so easy to tolerate that the procedure does not require any numbing cream. Generally, only one or two sessions are needed to remove these skin lesions.



There is absolutely no recovery downtime with the Q-switched alexandrite laser, and no special skin care is needed after the treatment. Patients only need to take reasonable sun precautions, apply an ointment to the treated spots, and use sunscreen.



At times, we will combine the Q-switched alexandrite with the Fraxel laser to simultaneously improve fine lines, skin texture, and brown spots. When used in this manner, these two lasers act synergistically to further enhance the final cosmetic result.



Any of our patients who have pigmented spots on their face or body that they would like to remove are invited to call our office and make an appointment with either Dr. Amerian or Dr. Anterasian.



Dr. Amerian Selected to Southern California Super Doctors “Preeminent Women’s Health Doctors”

Dr. Amerian is proud to announce that she has been selected by her peers as a “Preeminent Women’s Health Doctor” by Los Angeles Magazine and Southern California Super Doctors. Selection as a “Preeminent Women’s Health Doctor” is made based upon the recommendations of practicing physicians and other medical professionals who choose the doctors they feel are the best and to whom they would refer their own family members to. In 2012, Dr. Amerian was the only dermatologist selected to be a Preeminent Women’s Health Doctor. It is truly an honor to be selected as the sole dermatologist on the list of Preeminent Women’s Health Doctors



It has been a great privilege to be your dermatologist during these last 25 years. Thank you very much for your ongoing trust and confidence. I have enjoyed knowing each of you, not only as patients but also personally. I am looking forward to taking care of your medical and cosmetic skin care needs for many more years to come.

Sincerely, Mary Lee Amerian, MD