Sunscreens and Summertime Skin Care

Summer has arrived. The days are longer, and the sun’s light is much stronger. Although all of us enjoy our beautiful summer weather, it is very important, especially at this time of year, to take appropriate precautions and protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun. Please remember that the single most important factor in preventing skin cancer is limiting your exposure to the sun. Here are some tips you can use to protect your skin this summer and all year long.


Always use a sunscreen with an SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 30, and remember to reapply it every two hours or after working, swimming, playing, or exercising outdoors. Use a sun block with a broad-spectrum formulation, which filters out long and short UVA and UVB light.


We especially like sunscreens that contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These are physical sunscreens that work by preventing the sunlight from reaching the skin. They are inert compounds that have unparalleled safety, have a negligible rate of allergic reactions, and provide both UVA and UVB protection. Other types of substances found in sunscreens, such as cinnamates, salicylates, and benzophenones, are chemical sunscreens. They act by absorbing the light and have a higher rate of allergic reactions. If a person finds that he or she is sensitive to one particular sunscreen, it is probably due to one of the chemical sunscreens found in the product. In this case, try switching to another sunscreen with a different formulation.


Sunscreens should be applied to dry skin 20-30 minutes before going outdoors so that the sunscreen absorbs into the skin prior to the sun exposure. Make sure you use enough sunscreen. One ounce, which is enough to fill a shot glass, is considered to be the amount needed to cover the exposed areas of the body properly. In general, people often use an insufficient amount of sunscreen, and this is one of the most common errors people make in using sunscreen. On the upper body, the areas that are most commonly missed when sunscreen is applied are the ears, lips, and neck. Pay particular attention to the ears and neck when applying sunscreen, and use a lip balm with at least SPF 15 on the lips.


On the rest of the body, the most common errors are either neglecting to apply the sunscreen in the first place or not using enough sunscreen. Be careful to cover all of the exposed areas completely. Sunscreen sprays may be easier to apply, especially in off-face areas. If you use a sunscreen spray, make sure that all of the skin is sprayed evenly and that you don’t miss a spot. If you miss a spot, it will burn. Limit your exposure to the midday sun, as the sun’s rays are strongest between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM.


Seek shade. Shade is a good source of protection. Watch your shadow. If you see a sharply defined shadow, then seek shade. Wear a wide brim hat with at least a 3-inch brim. This provides good sun protection to your eyes, ears, face, and the back of your neck. A baseball cap, while it may be attractive, will not protect your face as well as a wide brim hat.


Cover up. Wearing tightly woven, loose fitting, full-length clothing is a good way to protect your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Protective clothing includes long pants, long skirts, and long sleeved shirts. An easy way to test for the amount of sun protection in an article of clothing is to hold it up to a window and see how much light passes through the fabric. If a lot of light passes through, the clothing will not provide adequate sun protection, and a more opaque fabric should be worn.


Wear sunglasses that block 99-100% of ultraviolet light. This will protect against cataracts and other eye damage.


By taking these appropriate precautions, we can all enjoy our beautiful summer weather and still protect our skin, lips, and eyes from the sun.


Summer 2011: Facial Rejuvenation Special

To mark the start of summer, our office is offering an exceptional facial rejuvenation package. We invite any of our patients who would like to look younger and more refreshed to take advantage of this special opportunity.


The package begins with a patient selecting which of three facial rejuvenation procedures to undergo. A patient may choose to have Thermage CPT, a series of four Fraxel laser treatments, or a single Fraxel Repair treatment. The package also includes a treatment with Botox to two areas of the face or a treatment with one full syringe of Juvederm. We are offering these packages at the special price of $2500 for Thermage CPT, $3450 for Fraxel, and $2950 for Fraxel Repair. These prices represent more than a $750 discount from our regular prices. In addition, zero interest financing through CareCredit is available.


The Thermage CPT package is best suited for patients who have mild to moderate facial laxity and wish to achieve tightening of the face and upper neck. Thermage CPT represents a significant enhancement in the Thermage technology. Treatment with Thermage CPT results in much more facial tightening and lifting compared with earlier generations of Thermage. The Fraxel package is best suited for patients who need to improve fine lines and brown pigmentation in the face or wish to soften facial scars such as acne scars. The Fraxel Repair package is best suited for patients who wish to obtain tissue tightening, improve fine lines, wrinkles, and brown spots, and complete their rejuvenation in a single procedure.


In our office, these procedures are all performed by Dr. Anterasian. Dr. Anterasian has performed over 2500 Thermage, Fraxel, and Fraxel Repair procedures with consistently excellent results. He has been honored by selection to “America’s Top Surgeons” by the Consumer’s Research Council of America for the years 2008 – 2011.


Dr. Amerian and Dr. Anterasian will be happy to assist any of our patients choose which package is best for them. In addition, we will be happy to give a recommendation to anyone who might wish to give a Facial Rejuvenation Package as a gift. This special offer will be in effect until August 31, 2011.

Schedule an appointment now or call 310 829 9396


Dr. Amerian Selected As A Southern California “Super Doctor” By L.A. Magazine

Once again, we are proud to announce that Dr. Amerian has been selected by her peers as one of L.A. Magazine?s ?Super Doctors? for 2011. Selection as a ?Super Doctor? is made based upon the recommendations of practicing physicians and other medical professionals. Dr. Amerian also received this honor in 2009 and 2010. In 2011, only 34 dermatologists in the Los Angeles area were chosen to be Southern California Super Doctors. Thus, it is quite an honor to be selected.


Dr. Anterasian Attends Annual Laser Conference in Texas

Dr. Anterasian recently attended the annual meeting of the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery, which was held in Texas this year. This is the largest and most prestigious laser meeting in the world. Dr. Anterasian attends this laser meeting every year in order to ensure that we always offer our patients the best and most up to date treatments available.


One of the most important take-home messages from the meeting was the use of the new Fraxel Restore Dual laser to treat precancers (medically called actinic keratoses) on the face. This is the first time that a laser treatment that has no downtime has been shown to be effective in treating precancers. Another important point from the sessions revolved around the Zeltiq Coolsculpting procedure. It was announced that other technologies for fat reduction would not be approved at this time. Thus, the Zeltiq Coolsculpting procedure remains the only FDA approved procedure for non-invasive fat reduction, and it appears that this will continue to be the case for quite some time. Other technologies for non-invasive fat removal are under development but their approval by the FDA does not appear to be coming at any time in the near future. Lastly, speakers from around the country continue to consistently recommend the combination of Fraxel, Thermage, Botox, and dermal fillers like Juvederm to rejuvenate the skin of the face.


By attending educational sessions such as the meeting in Texas, Dr. Anterasian and Dr. Amerian ensure that we continue to offer our patients the most up to date and most effective treatments possible.