Get Ready for the Holidays With our Botox and Juvederm Special Offers (including a free facial from Jonee!)

Santa Monica Laser and Skin Care Center invites our patients to get ready for the upcoming holiday season by taking advantage of our special holiday offers.


Most of our patients have already experienced the benefits of Botox and Juvederm. These treatments give a dramatic reduction in facial frown lines, wrinkles, and skin folds and help our patients look refreshed and rejuvenated. When properly done, a treatment with Botox and Juvederm gives a completely natural appearing facial rejuvenation.


In addition, nearly all of you already know Jonee, our wonderful aesthetician who was worked in our office for over 20 years! She gives a truly outstanding facial that will leave your skin Glowing!


This holiday season, for the first time ever, we are combining these treatments into one special offering. We will give a $75 discount on your next Botox treatment or your next Juvederm treatment. If you do both treatments, you will receive a savings of 175$. In addition, if you do both treatments Jonee will give you a complementary glycolic and oxygen facial, an additional savings of over $200, so that your skin will look truly beautiful for the holidays! You can have your facial either the same day as your Botox and Juvederm treatments or on another day of your choosing!


Please call our office at 310-829-9396 to take advantage of these special holiday offers. These holiday savings will be in effect until December 31, 2012.



TruSculpt for Non-Surgical Non-Invasive Body Countouring

Dr. Amerian and Dr. Anterasian are proud to announce that we have obtained our truSculpt device and are now using it in our office. TruSculpt is designed for patients who have stubborn areas of bulging fat that cannot be reduced in spite of a healthy diet and a good exercise program. TruSculpt treatments result in a noticeable and natural looking fat reduction in the treated areas. The goal of the treatment is to improve the contour and shape of the body by reducing these bulging fatty tissues.Potential candidates for truSculpt procedure may have any skin type and skin color. The most commonly treated areas are the abdomen, love handles, and outer thighs, but any area of localized excessive fat can potentially be treated with the truSculpt device.

TruSculpt works by heating the fatty tissues to temperatures that are high enough to result in the therapeutic reduction of fat, but not so high as to be uncomfortable or painful. The device uses radio frequency energy to heat the tissues.

The treatment begins by placing the truSculpt hand piece on the skin. Heat is then applied to the fatty tissue through the skin or four minutes. After the four-minute pulse is completed, the hand piece is moved to the adjacent tissue. This process is repeated until the entire area has been treated.



Heating the fat for four minutes induces the body’s natural systems to break down the fat cells in the treated areas. The process of natural fat cell reduction takes about two months to complete, at which time most patients will undergo a second treatment.



The procedure is extremely safe and very easy to tolerate. No pain medications or numbing creams are required. The procedure is completely non-invasive, and there is absolutely no downtime after a truSculpt procedure. Treatment times are typically about an hour and can cover large areas of the body. There may be mild redness in the treated areas, but this quickly resolves within a few hours. Patients resume all of their normal activities, including returning to work and exercise programs, on the same day as the procedure. Generally, patients will receive two treatments about two months apart.



In our office we are now able to use the truSculpt device and the Coolsculpting device to reduce fat non-invasively. This enhanced capability to reduce fat means improved results for patients. Any of our patients who wish to discuss non-surgical non-invasive fat removal are invited to call our office and make appointment with either Dr. Amerian or Dr. Anterasian.



Wintertime Skin Care

Q: I have noticed that as we head into winter, my skin is feeling dryer. How should I take care of my skin during the winter months?
A: Winter is hard on skin because cold temperatures, harsh winds, and low humidity remove moisture from the skin and dry the skin out.



These environmental factors impede the proper functioning of the skin’s lipids (fats), which normally help to keep the skin hydrated. The following tips will help you keep your skin healthy and looking its best during the winter months:



  • First, don’t overheat your home. Heating the air will reduce the humidity level in your home and lead to drier skin.


  • Try to limit washing the face to twice a day, as more frequent washing will tend to dry the face excessively.


  • Do not take long hot showers. this will remove the natural moisturizing lipids (fats) from the skin. It is better to take a short, lukewarm shower, no longer than ten minutes. Use wither a non-irritating, frangrance-free soap, a cleanser that contains oils and emollients, or a moisturizing body wash.


  • After your shower or bath, gently pat the skin until almost dry, and then apply a good body moisturizer while the skin is still damp. This will help lock in the moisture in the upper layers of the skin. A facial moisturizer should also be applied after washing and gently towel drying, when the skin is still slightly damp.


  • Remember that dry winter air will make the skin more sensitive to many anti-aging products. For this reason, women who use Retin-A, Renova, or Tazorac might have to reduce the frequency of application during the winter. in addition, certain alpha hydroxy acids such as glycolic acid, and some beta hydroxy acids such as salicylic acid, can exacerbate dry and irritated skin; their use may also have to be diminished during winter months.


  • It is important to continue to protect your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, so use a sunscreen or a moisturizer-sunscreen combination with an SPF of at least 30 on your face. In addition, use a lip balm with sun block on your lips throughout the winter.


  • Finally, make sure you eat a well-balanced diet, drink plenty of water, and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!


Taking care of the skin during winter months often requires some changes in the normal skin care regimen. By taking these basic steps, you can keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful all winter long.