Duet Dividends Program Is Back – Take Advantage of $100 Savings on Juvederm

Good news from Allergan, the Fortune 500 company that manufactures Botox and Juvederm! For a limited period of time and while supplies last, Allergan is bringing back their highly successful Duet Dividends program. With this program, our Botox patients can receive a $100 discount on their Juvederm treatments when the Botox and Juvederm treatments are done during the same appointment. Any of our Botox patients can take advantage of this opportunity, whether they have had Juvederm in the past or not.


Juvederm is an FDA approved dermal filling agent that is used for the correction of facial wrinkles and folds. Juvederm is a technologically advanced formulation of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance found in the skin of every human being. It is very safe and effective in patients of all skin types and all skin colors. Virtually everyone who has facial wrinkles or folds in need of correction will benefit from Juvederm. The most commonly treated areas are the facial folds between the nose and mouth (the naso-labial folds) and the folds between the mouth and chin (the melo-labial folds). Results are visible immediately.


Juvederm has a long duration of effect, with results typically lasting for at least seven to eight months and for up to a year in some patients. In our office we have used Juvederm for many years on hundreds of patients. Our patients have truly enjoyed the cosmetic enhancement that Juvederm has provided.


Our patients who have signed up for Brilliant Distinctions will receive their $100 discount at the time they check out. Patients who are not members of Brilliant Distinctions will receive a $100 mail-in rebate coupon. We encourage all of our Botox and Juvederm patients to sign up for Brilliant Distinctions, if they have not yet done so, in order to receive their savings on future Botox and Juvederm treatments.


A Special Message to our Botox and Juvederm Patients – Sign up For Brilliant Distinctions!

(The Cosmetic “Frequent Flyer Program”)


All of our Botox and Juvederm patients should take advantage of this opportunity and enroll in the Brilliant Distinctions program if they have not yet already done so. Allergan, the Fortune 500 Company that manufactures Botox and Juvederm, sponsors this program. The program functions just like an airline frequent flyer program. Points are accumulated after every Botox and Juvederm treatment. The points are then redeemed for coupons that result in significant savings on future Botox and Juvederm treatments. The amount of the savings depends on the number of points that have been accumulated.


If you are not yet a member of Brilliant Distinctions, you can take advantage of these savings by signing up for the program. Simply click on the link below to enroll in Brilliant Distinctions.


Refer a friend program

The Santa Monica Laser and Skin Care Center is pleased to announce that we are starting a “Refer a Friend” program for our cosmetic patients.


The program works like this. We have thousands of cosmetic patients who are very pleased with the results of their treatments and who genuinely enjoy the cosmetic enhancements our treatments have given them. If one of our cosmetic patients refers a friend for cosmetic treatment, both the friend and our patient will receive a $75 discount on their next cosmetic procedure.


We invite all of our cosmetic patients to take advantage of this program and enjoy these benefits, both for themselves and for their friends.


Dr. Amerian Selected to “2011 Top Women Southern California Super Doctors”

Dr. Amerian is proud to announce that she has been selected as a top woman Southern California Super Doctor. Selection to this group of exceptional physicians is based upon nomination by physician colleagues and multiple measures of medical achievement and professional recognition.


“I am extremely proud of being selected as a top woman Southern California Super Doctor. I thank all of my colleagues who nominated me, and all of my patients who have given me the opportunity to care for them. It is truly a privilege to be your dermatologist.”
– Mary Lee Amerian, MD


Dr. Anterasian Selected to “America’s Top Surgeons” (Fourth Year in a Row!)

Dr. George Anterasian is proud to announce that he has again been selected as one of “America’s Top Surgeons.” This is the fourth year in a row that Dr. Anterasian has received this honor. This selection is made based upon Dr. Anterasian’s experience, training, board certification, continuing medical education, and consistently excellent results.


“I am very proud to receive this honor for the fourth time. I want to thank all of my patients for giving me the privilege of allowing me to take care of them. I look forward to serving my patients surgical, laser, and cosmetic skin care needs for many more years.”
-George Anterasian, MD