Dr. Amerian and Dr. Anterasian Invited to Participate in New Television Show

Recently, the producers of a new television show called “Best of LA” contacted Dr. Amerian and Dr. Anterasian. We were asked to participate in the show as one of the best dermatology, laser, and skin care practices in the Los Angeles area. The show will feature not only the best medical practices in the Los Angeles area, but also many other types of non-medical establishments, including the best restaurants, spas, hotels, etc. We are proud to be asked to participate in this new television show. Look for the show to debut later this year on both channel 5 (KTLA) and channel 9 (KCAL).

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Our Fall Very Special Laser Offer Combining Lasers To Improve Results

Zero Interest Financing Is Available Through CareCredit Through October 31, 2009

During one of the more important discussions at the 2009 American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery meeting, the concept of combining multiple laser treatments in the same office visit to treat different problems in the skin was reviewed. When multiple lasers are combined in this manner, dramatic results are achieved more quickly. For example, the Vbeam laser for redness, the Q-switched alexandrite laser for brown spots, and either the FotoFacial or Fraxel laser for skin rejuvenation might all be used during the same office visit to improve the appearance of the skin of the face. This treatment approach results in much more significant improvement in the appearance of the face and accomplishes the improvement more rapidly. This means that fewer visits to the office are required.


So that more of our patients can benefit from combined laser treatments, we are pleased to make available the following special offer. During the months of September and October, we will add to all of our FotoFacial and Fraxel laser facial rejuvenation packages treatment with the Vbeam laser and the Q-switched alexandrite laser at no additional charge!


The Fraxel packages are best suited for patients who need to improve fine lines and red and brown pigmentation in the face or need to soften facial scars such as acne scars. The FotoFacial package is best for patients who have brown spots and facial redness, and who do not need improvement in fine lines or facial scars. We are offering these packages at the special package prices of $3450 for four Fraxel laser treatments, $2950 for one Fraxel Repair treatment, and $1950 for four FotoFacial treatments. This represents a savings of over $1400 from our usual prices. Zero interest financing is available.


We are offering this special until October 31, 2009. Any of our patients who would like to take advantage of this special are invited to call our office at 310-829-9396 for an appointment with either Dr. Amerian or Dr. Anterasian. Dr. Amerian and Dr. Anterasian would be happy to help any of our patients decide which package would be best for them.


Dr. Amerian and Dr. Anterasian are proud to announce that we have now obtained our new Vbeam Perfecta laser. The Vbeam Perfecta laser is considered to be the gold standard for the treatment of vascular conditions such as broken capillaries, diffuse redness, dilated facial veins, rosacea, and angiomas.


In addition, the Vbeam Perfecta can also be used to treat pigmented lesions such as age spots, brown spots, and sun spots (medically called lentigenes). Treatment of pigmented lesions with the Vbeam Perfecta laser is of benefit not only in Caucasian patients but also in patients who have more pigment in their skin, such as in Asian patients. With the Vbeam Perfecta laser, treatment of pigmented lesions can be combined with treatment of redness at the same time and in the same treatment session.


The Vbeam Perfecta laser represents a significant enhancement in laser technology over the earlier generations of blood vessel lasers. Its new “micro-pulse technology” provides more gentle heating of blood vessels, which allows Vbeam Perfecta treatments to be completed without bruising. Vbeam Perfecta treatments are so gentle that they can usually be performed without any numbing and can be easily planned to have no recovery down time.


Advances in the laser technology also allow the Vbeam Perfecta laser to be used to treat leg veins! In our office, we generally combine Vbeam Perfecta laser treatment with sclerotherapy to treat and improve unsightly leg veins.


The Vbeam Perfecta laser improves vascular conditions by firing laser light that is selectively absorbed by the red color of blood. When this occurs, the blood is selectively heated. This heating action also heats the blood vessel wall. This results in a narrowing down of the diameter of the blood vessel wall, and a reduction in redness. Usually, three to five laser treatments at monthly intervals are required in order to treat redness, broken capillaries, and leg veins optimally.


Vbeam Perfecta treatment of vascular abnormalities results in reduced redness and a reduction in the number of broken capillaries. In many cases, broken capillaries are completely eliminated. Redness is significantly reduced after Vbeam Perfecta treatment. In addition, rosacea is easily controlled in nearly all cases with the Vbeam Perfecta laser!


When the Vbeam Perfecta laser is used to treat brown spots, a special hand piece is used to temporarily squeeze the red blood out of the skin around the spot, leaving only the brown pigment in the spot to absorb the laser light. When the brown pigment absorbs the laser light, it begins the process of breaking down the brown pigment, resulting in a lightening or elimination of the brown spot. Generally, only one or two laser treatments are required in order to significantly improve or completely eliminate the brown spot.


Treatments with the Vbeam Perfecta laser generally have no recovery down time, allowing patients to resume their normal activities immediately after leaving the office. If you have redness, rosacea, or brown spots in your skin, we invite you to come in and remove these unsightly discolorations. Your skin will be clearer and fresher and you will look and feel much better!