The “Next Generation” Fraxel Laser

We are excited to announce that the next generation Fraxel laser has arrived, and that we are now using the next generation Fraxel laser in our office. The new Fraxel, called the Fraxel 1500, has many advantages over the original Fraxel laser.


The Fraxel 1500 uses a new type of treatment tip that eliminates the need for blue dye. With this one change, the nuisance problem of having to first apply and then remove the blue dye no longer exists. This eliminates the persisting blue spots that could not be removed after treatment (that were so bothersome to patients), and shortens treatment times by at least thirty minutes.
The new Fraxel 1500 automatically optimizes the diameter of the laser beam based on the energy setting that is being used. Optimizing the beam size based on the energy setting improves patient comfort significantly.
The new Fraxel laser is FDA cleared to treat deeper into the skin than the original Fraxel. As a result, treatments with the new Fraxel will produce greater improvement in fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and skin texture. This will be of particular benefit in treating upper lip lines and the lines around the eyes (crow’s feet lines).
Like the original Fraxel, the next generation Fraxel has been cleared by the FDA for the treatment of acne scars, pigmented skin lesions, melasma, surgical scars, and periorbital wrinkles.
Because we are so excited about the new Fraxel 1500, we are very pleased to make available to our patients the following special rejuvenation offer.


Chest Rejuvenation Special Offer

For women who are bothered by changes in the skin of their chest, we are offering a special Fraxel rejuvenation package, using the new Fraxel 1500 laser. The package begins with a series of four Fraxel laser treatments to the skin of the chest. These treatments will significantly improve any brown spots, brown pigment, and fine lines that are present on the skin of the chest. After the completion of the Fraxel laser treatment we will continue the rejuvenation with two Vbeam laser treatments to reduce the redness in the chest skin. We are offering this special chest rejuvenation package for $3450 until November 30th, which represents an $1100 discount from the regular price.
In our office, all Fraxel laser procedures are performed by Dr. Anterasian, a board certified physician and surgeon. Dr. Anterasian was one of the first physicians in Los Angeles to use the Fraxel laser, and he has extensive experience with the procedure. Dr. Anterasian has personally performed over four hundred Fraxel laser procedures. One of his most satisfied Fraxel patients is Dr. Mary Lee Amerian; Dr. Amerian has had four Fraxel laser procedures and she loves her results!
Any of our patients who wish to take advantage of this special opportunity to rejuvenate the skin of their chest are invited to call our office and make an appointment with either Dr. Anterasian or Dr. Amerian.