It is estimated that over 80% of women have cellulite. Over the years, many treatments have been tried to treat this condition, but none of the treatments were ever particularly effective.


Cellulite has historically been a very difficult problem to treat.


Recently, the VelaSmooth device became available, giving patients a new option for the treatment of cellulite. The VelaSmooth is a laser-like device that combines the energy of radio frequency and infrared light with tissue mobilization. These three treatment modalities work together to safely and effectively improve cellulite and recontour the skin surface.


Dr. Amerian is proud to announce that she has been chosen to be a VelaSmooth clinical investigator. As a result, our office is one of a very limited number of offices that have access to the VelaSmooth. We are currently treating patients under a protocol to accurately measure the effectiveness of the VelaSmooth for treating cellulite.


Patients who believe they would benefit from the VelaSmooth or who have questions about the device are invited to call the office for an appointment.