I want to commend Dr. Amerian for the effective and personable service which she furnished me while traveling away from home on business in LA. This was particularly true in view of the fact that I am not a regular patient nor was my visit the result of a professional referral. Nevertheless, I was able to make an expeditious and convenient appointment. She and her staff dealt swiftly with the problem which she diagnosed and treated on the spot. She patiently spent time with me personally to treat the problem, which, as a result, quickly resolved favorably. She also personally followed up the effectiveness of the treatment several days later. I currently live on the east coast of the U.S. and I can honestly say that I not only was impressed by Dr. Amerian’s professionalism, knowledge ability and diligence, but amazed at the ease with which I was able to handle my problem. Back east, I have the best doctors available, but, either because of the institutional settings in which they operate, or the managed care system, the experience of seeing a doctor in even the most routine situations is time consuming and impersonal to an almost unpleasant degree. It was, rather, a pleasure to see Dr. Amerian. If the quality of her services is any indication of the quality of medical care on the west coast, it is far superior to comparable care on the east coast. I unqualifiedly recommend Dr. Amerian for treatment of any dermatological condition.
Daniel B.
March 12, 2013