I’ve been seeing Dr. Amerian for several years. Skin cancer runs in my family so I do once or twice yearly mole checks. (BTW, everyone should do this at least once a year, more if you’re fair-skinned or had lots of sunburns as a child). I’ve also been to see Dr. Amerian for a couple other small things-a minor skin infection and a rash. She is always very kind and knowledgeable, diagnoses everything correctly and prescribes the proper remedy.
Recently she noticed an unusual mole on my thigh and decided to take it out… the biopsy came back and it turned out to have been pre-cancerous. I am so relieved she spotted it and insisted I remove it! Then today I went back for Dr. Anterasian (Dr. Amerian’s brother and the other doctor in the office) to remove some additional skin to make sure all the pre-cancerous cells were gone. I was very nervous but he calmed my fears and stitched me up with meticulous skill and elegance.
I really admire the art of surgery and with Dr. Anterasian I had no doubt I was in good hands. And thanks to Dr. Amerian we caught everything early so there should be no problem. The only reason I give the office 4 stars instead of 5 is that occasionally there is a long wait and they don’t take my insurance… but they do provide me with a super-bill, which I then send to my insurance co. to get refunded. Unlike another reviewer who posted a negative review, I have never been given the hard sell on products at this office.
Lucky P.
April 9, 2009