Well, what can I say but this – it is a doctor like Dr. Amerian that makes this world a beautiful place to live. She is my favorite doctor on the planet not just because she is THE BEST doctor on the planet but it’s also ‘coz she is such an amazingly down-to-earth person.
Whether I see her every now and then or if I go to see her in a matter of months (and years, at times), she still makes me feel so special. It always feels like it was just yesterday that I last met her. It’s not just another doctor-patient relationship that she develops with her patients, it’s beyond that. It’s a feeling of compassion that she has for others that makes her who she is – simply THE BEST!!! It is this empathy in her that forges bonds between her ever so grateful patients (as myself) and her.
Regardless of the time lapse, her staff always remembers me. What’s more is that they are so friendly, polite, accommodating and oh so human. It’s a great feeling to be treated like another human being and I have to admit that her staff does a great job at that. Kudos to them all!!!
I feel so blessed to have found, Dr. Amerian!!!
I LOVE Dr. Amerian!!!
Preeti T.
June 7, 2012