Dr. Mary Lee Amerian is the sweetest lady! She is the first dermatologist I met in Los Angeles who really cares about your skin problems. I’ve been to two other “celebrity” dermatologists before and yes they were as expensive (perhaps more expensive than Mary Lee) and NO they did not help my acne problem. To be honest with you, I don’t care how expensive she is….my skin is SO important and what she did for me is worth every single penny!
From the ladies who work at the front desk to the Dr. herself, everybody was super sweet and helpful. Dr. Amerian is very professional and thorough. Everybody has their own experience obviously and I don’t like advertising someone or someplace here on yelp but all I want to say here is that I’ve really been to famous dermatologist before and never ever got a good result about my skin problems….The topical treatments and creams dr. Mary Lee prescribed were the only ones worked for me! My skins clear and looks amazing and that makes me HAPPY:)
Have a wonderful day and beautiful skin everyone!
Simin E.
August 8, 2012