Most people associate broken capillaries with old age, but the truth is these spidery formations can form at any age and are tarnishing your clear complexion. They’re actually a lot more common than you think! Broken capillaries are caused by aging, sun exposure, hormones, and genetics. People who have rosacea can develop broken capillaries.

These broken and bruised marks and are often found on the cheeks, nose, and chin. When your skin is irritated, the spider-web-like veins become more visible and remain a red or blue bruised color.

Many people find these lines detract from their appearance. With new advances laser and light technology, we can safely and effectively diminish broken capillaries. The doctors at the Santa Monica Laser and Skin Care Center are here to help you diminish those stubborn broken capillaries.

Intense Pulsed Light for Treating Broken Capillaries

Intense Pulsed Light / FotoFacial is a non-surgical solution for skin discoloration, including broken capillaries. This gentle technology evens out skin tone and helps your skin look more refreshed. While nurses perform this treatment in many practices, at the Santa Monica Laser and Skin Care Center, the Intense Pulsed Light laser treatment is only done by our board-certified physicians, Dr. Amerian and Dr. Anterasian.

The IPL laser treatment emits controlled intense pulses of light to the outer layers of skin. Patients describe this laser treatment feeling much like the tiny snap of a rubber band.

Click here to learn more about IPL and how it can help improve skin discoloration.

Vbeam Perfecta Laser

The Vbeam Perfecta Laser is a blood vessel laser that is more effective and gentler than earlier technologies. Its “micro-pulse technology” is now the gold standard for the treatment of vascular conditions such as broken capillaries, diffuse redness, dilated facial veins and rosacea. While the Vbeam is primarily used on the face, neck, and chest, it can also be used as a supplement to Sclerotherapy to improve the appearance of small leg veins.

The laser light from the Vbeam Perfecta is selectively absorbed by the red color of the blood in the broken blood vessels. This heats the blood, which in turn causes the blood vessel wall to narrow. After 3-5 treatments, the broken capillaries are significantly reduced through this process.

After completing the treatment program, your skin tone will be more uniform in color. In some cases, all broken capillaries are eliminated. In all cases, they are significantly reduced, and the treated areas are much less red.

No downtime is required after Vbeam Perfecta Laser treatments. You can continue all normal activities without interruption.

If you want to learn more about Vbeam Perfecta Laser, click here!

Laser treatments offer the most effective and permanent solution when it comes to treating broken capillaries. If you have any more questions about these treatments, come see us for a free beauty consultation. If you’re ready to begin diminishing your broken capillaries, call us at (310) 906-4048 or BOOK ONLINE.

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How to Diminish Broken Capillaries
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How to Diminish Broken Capillaries
The doctors at the Santa Monica Laser and Skin Care Center are here to help you diminish those stubborn broken capillaries.
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