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Yelp Review by Joanna B.


I have been seeing Dr Amerian for a few months now for mild acne problems, and the results have been great! She was very warm and kind, and took the time to listen to my concerns and prescribe the best treatment for me.   Joanna B. March 7, 2013

Yelp Review by Madison S.


Dr. Amerian and her staff are amazing. I would highly recommend them for any dermatology needs. I began seeing Dr. Amerian because of acne (face and body). I had been put on many medications in the past and she put me o a regime that quickly changed my skin. Although [...]

Yelp Review by Daniel B.


I want to commend Dr. Amerian for the effective and personable service which she furnished me while traveling away from home on business in LA. This was particularly true in view of the fact that I am not a regular patient nor was my visit the result of a professional [...]

Yelp Review by Marcos F.


I went to see Dr. Amerian and I was so impressed that I decided to write my first review on Yelp. I got to their office and I was seen promptly. She is a warm and personal doctor, but at the same time she carefully explains the more technical issues [...]

Yelp Review by Simin E.


Dr. Mary Lee Amerian is the sweetest lady! She is the first dermatologist I met in Los Angeles who really cares about your skin problems. I've been to two other "celebrity" dermatologists before and yes they were as expensive (perhaps more expensive than Mary Lee) and NO they did not [...]

Yelp Review by Morris Farkas


I have been under the medical care of Dr. Amerian since 2004. Dr. Amerian is a caring physician and excellent dermatologist, and because I was under her care she detected early stage melanoma on the back of my right leg during a routine examination. The melanoma was successfully removed the [...]

Yelp Review by Preeti T


Well, what can I say but this - it is a doctor like Dr. Amerian that makes this world a beautiful place to live. She is my favorite doctor on the planet not just because she is THE BEST doctor on the planet but it's also 'coz she is such [...]

Yelp Review by Erica L.


Dr. Amerian is one of the most thorough and caring doctors I have ever met. First of all, she knows her stuff - she graduated top of her class at UCLA, and has won multiple awards for being one of the top dermatologists in the area. She spends a lot [...]

Yelp Review by Amanda L.


I had a fraxel laser treatment with Dr. Anterasian.... The office was very helpful and pleasant. I love my results. I highly recommend this office, for any skin issues........If you want to turn back time and solve your skin problems, all in one office, this is the place.   Amanda [...]

Yelp Review by Heather E.


I needed the name of a really good dermatologist, and so I asked a friend of mine who has worked as a special care nurse for VIP plastic surgery patients in Los Angeles for over 30 years. She recommended Dr. Mary Lee Amerian, the same doctor she sent her own [...]

Yelp Review by Jeanette Isabella H.


I've been coming here for over six years, and I've brought both of my kids. One of my kids came in for acne, and Dr. Amerian fixed the problem right away. I brought my daughter in for what she thought was a pimple, but it ended up being MRSA - [...]

Yelp Review by Tyler W


Dr. Amerian and Anterasian are truly wonderful. I've been getting Botox for a long time, and they are among the best I've ever been to. I've received Botox from both of them and they both have an artful touch and are very direct about what procedures I could do and [...]

Yelp Review by Jane D.


Dr. Amerian, Dr. Anterasian and their facialist Jonee have helped me have beautiful skin. All of their treatments have worked wonders on my skin!!!!!!!!!!!!! their treatments are worth every penny!!!!! The entire staff has been friendly and very accommodating to me!!!!!!!!! I highly recommend dr. Amerian and dr. Anterasian.   [...]

Yelp Review by Chuck Schuman


I absolutely adore Dr. Amerian. She is the consummate dermatologist. She is intelligent, extremely knowledgeable and caring. Whenever I see her, she makes me feel like I am her most important priority. She listens to what I am saying, does a very careful skin exam, and then puts together a [...]

Yelp Review by Gina C.


Dr. Amerian has treated me for more than 20 years and saved my face from significant scaring. Dr. Anterasian is a leading surgeon and very very meticulous about his procedures. They are expensive, yes. And by the way, can't find a better facial anywhere, I promise.   Gina C. October [...]

Yelp Review by Lucky P.


I've been seeing Dr. Amerian for several years. Skin cancer runs in my family so I do once or twice yearly mole checks. (BTW, everyone should do this at least once a year, more if you're fair-skinned or had lots of sunburns as a child). I've also been to see [...]

Yelp Review by Allison L


Dr. Amerian has been my dermatologist over the past few years and is amazing. She knows what she is talking about and is committed to helping you with whatever skin problems you are dealing with.The entire office staff is friendly and accommodating.   If you are looking for a good [...]